Chapter One.

A life in Pictures and stupid quotes.

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I love you, but I’m mad at you is one of the most freeing, important things you can say in a stable relationship. Does that make sense? To know that you have the ability and the right to be mad at someone and know that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it doesn’t mean things are irreparable. That it just means I’m mad, but God, I love you. I love you. Now leave me alone.





you can take one man’s trash to another man’s treasure but you can’t make it drink

Fun fact: the blending of idioms or cliches is called a malaphor.

My personal favorite is “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

I looked it up b/c that was a very familiar idiom and how could it be wrong but then


yeah wow that’s spot on perfect

my catchphrase

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im really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time

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I have so many things going on right now but the first thing I think about in the morning is you.

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I want to exist with you. Let’s make traditions and spend hours wishing we were together each time we’re apart. Friday nights should be spent on ice cream dates and getting lost somewhere in town. Hold my hand when I feel scared. I’ll listen to your heart beat in sync with the rain, never forgetting its slow and steady sound. Wake up on Saturday morning with me. Let’s watch the sun begin to rise, only to fall back asleep again. I will surprise you with every chance I get, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I’ve existed all along on my own, but I would rather exist with you.